Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I owe it to Manibhai's razor honed Upon Alan's anvil

[Although Paul has been subject to political and philosophical appropriation, we ought to keep in mind the religious context of his extant writings. His letters are written to fledgling Christian communities, variously intended to counsel, cajole and console their immediate readers on religious affairs and matters of communal conduct that are entwined with these. They are not primarily theoretical treatises but rather practical interventions undergirded by an implicit framework threaded through Paul’s thought that must often be inferred by piecing together the apparent presuppositions of disparate sections of text. This means that in trying to discern a relatively consistent Pauline position we are often confronted with ambiguities to resolve as to the scope of what Paul says—whether and how far it is intended to carry beyond the particularities of the specific context that surrounds it, and if his thought remains viable when so extended. Ethics and the Moral Law, Part II: Saint Paul
from Grundlegung by Tom]

I am pleased and thankful to the chroniclers at the "IYFundamentalism website (" for awarding me the honor of delivering the most despicable quote (a la Varun Gandhi) of “Aurobindonian fundamentalism.” But while carrying the trophy off, let it be on record that I owe it to Manibhai's razor honed Upon Alan's anvil. [TNM]

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    [One who truly follows the path given by #SriAurobindo, as soon as he begins to have the experience of this path, will find it impossible to confine his consciousness to the worship of any god or goddess or even of all of them together.] -The Mother on T&A-159