Monday, April 20, 2009

Deception & inflated expectations

[from Jitendra Sharma to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date 20 Apr 2009 10:39 subject Fwd:
Dear Tusar-bhai, I got this information from Srikant-bhai. You can use it in your forum. With regards,
Prof. Jitendra Sharma Calicut --- Forwarded message --- From: Srikant Jivarajani Date: Apr 17, 2009 9:20 PM Subject: The Ban on controversial book 'Lives of Sri Aurobindo' - by Peter Heehs - a gazzette notification by Orissa Government. To: My dear Everybody, In my quest to find the Truth, I stumbled upon 3 facts of interest from one of the seniors. One of them relates to the life of Sri Aurobindo and two other two to tamperings. I shall take up only at the moment the 1st :1) Rishbhchand-da was writing the Life of Sri Aurobindo on regular basis in bulletin. He came across a historical fact on the Life of sri Aurobindo that he felt rather unsure. So he put up the matter to the Mother. In itself the fact is of little consequence, and I do not want to do something that Mother did not want either, but the answer that the Mother gave is relevant and of immense value : Mother - You see Sri Aurobindo and myself we are what we are, and it is not going to matter us in the least. Even those of the true disciples of Sri Aurobindo will understand too. But the majority of the mass of the people would misunderstand, and thus it would harm them more than us. Since we have come down to change the fundamental human nature, if something is said whereby the people misunderstand us, they will have further doubt and the change will consequently take longer. This would amount to, that we will be cutting our own legs so to say. Thus I feel it is best not to put this matter in bulletin.
Yours Sincerely, Srikant.]

[Re: Fundamentalism in Integral Yoga - New Website Announcement
by koantum on Sun 19 Apr 2009 04:38 PM PDT Profile Permanent Link
Like many othes I arrived with inflated expectations from people in the Ashram. Typically, I first saw only saints and angels. Sooner or later one is bound to realize the deception, but by then some damage may have been done already. You too, Kepler, seem to entertain certain expectations regarding the comportment of ashramites. By now I can tell you that they are unwarranted. They have no basis in any truth.]

So, it was The Mother who helped create "inflated expectations" through "deception"! [TNM]

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