Monday, April 20, 2009

Skillful braiding of Unity, Mutuality, & Harmony

[Money and power and a limited government
from The Daily Goose by Matthew
The American founders understood how power and monied interests can corrupt, and will corrupt. That is one of the primary reasons our country’s governance structure was originally based on decentralization, that favors local levels of gov’t (individual, family, neighborhood, civic organizations, municipalities), and not the State governments nor the federal. The Revolutionary War was a conservative war, to preserve the ways of order and gov’t present in the American lands for many, many decades, before the British King tried to assert more authority. What Americans today have to figure out is how to reassert Founding principles in the mass media, informational, highly electric age, all of which (cf McLuhan) fight against decentralization and have a bias for, essentially, fascism (i.e., the cult of unity and central management of society).]

When Matthew pithily defines "fascism" as "the cult of unity and central management of society" one feels alarmed. He won't, however, dispute with the central governance of the universe by the Almighty.

Sri Aurobindo's formula in this respect is the skillful braiding of Unity, Mutuality, & Harmony, where one may assume that decentralization is inbuilt. But to say that all virtues ensue from decentralization seems to be a bit far fetched. [TNM]

Update: Another definition. [TNM]

[There is a precise word that political scientists use to describe a State that is hand-in-glove with Big Business. That word is “fascist.” Treat Narayana Murthy With Caution
from ANTIDOTE by Sauvik]

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