Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One can prove and justify any damn thing

The mélange of arguments that have been advanced and ably defended in course of the Heehs imbroglio proves the resilience of Sri Aurobindian thought. So, the overall impression generated is that it defies definition in exactly the same manner any definite characterization has eluded postmodernism so far. We have been witness to how writer after writer have shifted positions and perspectives in the quicksilver fashion to score brownie points, and all within the compass of the same teaching, Straw man or Scotsman notwithstanding.

This is certainly a great strength in a discursive environment. But the danger is that one can prove and justify any damn thing by employing the same pleading prowess. [TNM]

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  1. The protagonists of this imbroglio ought to think more like Nolini-da than Derri-da.

    The capital period of my intellectual development was when I could see clearly that what the intellect said might be correct and not correct, that what the intellect justified was true and its opposite was also true....
    -Sri Aurobindo