Monday, April 20, 2009

People who know the deeper purpose

[What is Our Aim? People are apt to forget the core teachings of the Theosophical Society, and of Theosophical work, after more than one hundred and thirty years which have passed since the Society was founded… The aims of the Society are lofty, and not easily understood by persons engaged in general social work. Therefore, there are at present a considerable number of members who do not understand what the Society stands for, and what it really intends as a remedy for the world’s ills. They think that they must do something to help, and engage themselves in doing some work of a philanthropic nature, or there are those who feel that their only work is to understand our general intention of improving human life. This is all very good up to a point, and what is meant for members who do not understand much; but there has always to be at heart of the Society people who know it has a deeper purpose. -- Radha Burnier, President, The Theosophical Society, The Theosophist April 2009]

All this also applies to us Savitri Erans in view of the conflicting opinions generated in response to the Heehs imbroglio. No amount of soul-searching can be said to be superfluous in the present crisis. [TNM]

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