Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Richard Carlson with a pinch of salt

[This is one reason this series of articles were attempted, as an attempt to clarify certain misunderstandings that can arise when one employs evolution as a principle to justify the graduated ranking of human beings, be it by social levels or levels of consciousness. (While I find the complexity of Sri Aurobindo's writing handles the matter well, I have not found the same intellectual sophistication necessarily extends to some of his followers) Re: 100 Years of Sri Aurobindo on Evolution: The Illusion of Human Progress and the Ideal of Human Unity (part 5 of 6) Tony Clifton Tue 07 Apr 2009 08:13 AM PDT]

The restless soul of Tony Clifton alias Richard Carlson has no time for full stops. He has not read Sri Aurobindo well enough, but is impatient to accuse fellow followers of dim intellect. He is unwilling to accept that he is misrepresenting Sri Aurobindo's views at places even when others point it out. This is no scholarly etiquette.

Despite these follies, the kind of foregrounding that he has attempted in course of the present series of essays is immensely praiseworthy. But his inferences and innuendoes should be taken, as always, with a pinch of salt. [TNM]

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