Saturday, April 24, 2010

Educated, creative, and diverse

[Obama-ism posits that we are now in a hypercompetitive global economy, where the country that thrives will be the one that brings together the most educated, creative and diverse work force with the best infrastructure — bandwidth, ports, airports, high-speed rail and good governance…E.T. — energy technology — is going to be the next great global industry. Who’s Up for Building Bridges? Thomas Friedman, New York Times, April 6, 2010]

Savitri Erans will have to pool all their energy and imagination to have a place in the sun and survive. 

Faith in the unity of religions is just that—faith, and perhaps even a kind of fundamentalism” and “A Dangerous Belief” stresses Stephen Prothero, the author of God Is Not One. Savitri Erans must wake to the significance of this timely reminder and firmly orient themselves of the salience as well as the essential superiority of their religion. [TNM] 1:56 PM

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