Friday, April 09, 2010

Heehs is too emotionally involved with the 1993 edition

When five different preferences for Savitri were expressed, it was easy on the part of Angiras’ siblings to pick up the lack of unanimity and play it up. Obviously, the campaign against the 1993 edition poses a greater challenge to Heehs’ standing than what happened due to The Lives of Sri Aurobindo. Further, Heehs is too emotionally involved with the 1993 edition having been completely satisfied to see Savitri the way he intended after long years of strenuous negotiations. Apart from endorsement from Amal Kiran and Nirodbaran as well as the Ashram Trust, the edition had also secured judicial sanction.

It is certainly hard for him, therefore, to endure the sight of all those seals of authority melting in the heat of the blogosphere. Used as he is being at the top of the ladder, he can’t stomach the hoi polloi languorously discussing linguistic intricacies and raring to dotting the i's and crossing the t's.  'No one can equal Amal Kiran and Nirodbaran,' is his refrain, let alone surpassing them. Honour and nostalgia torment him and he cringes at the thought of disrobing of Savitri.

The tides of time, however, have more surprises in store. The see-saw game will not let one at the top forever. [TNM]

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