Monday, April 19, 2010

Kumbha uncovering

[25 September 2008 Dear Manoj-da,
I decided to write about Sri Aurobindo, first, because I find him tremendously interesting. I won’t go any farther than this. You will recall that I explained to you once that I find it difficult if not impossible to proclaim from the housetops my feelings about things that mean a lot to me. I’ve always been amazed to find that others do not have this problem, and that they talk with perfect strangers about things that are deeply important to them. IY Fundamentalism - Letter to the Managing Trustee, from Peter Heehs]

[From aurosatya vrata to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date 10 April 2010 13:11 subject Re: Reg. ongoing discussion on Sri Aurobindo's Savitri
Dear Mr. Mohapatra,
I agree with you that the Divinity of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo comes first and foremost. But I believe that this is something that is so personal and subjective that it is best if it is not unnecessarily talked about or analyzed…  S. 2:22 PM] 

There are all kinds of people. By temperament, some may be reticent about their faith and avoid any public display of devotion. There are others who harbour no such inhibitions and go on talking about all that they think, guess, or intuit. Neither of the dispositions is a virtue in itself and, therefore, imposing one’s preference on others in this respect appears incongruous. [TNM]

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