Wednesday, April 07, 2010

When the crown turns a mask

Mukut is a new entrant to the Republic of mukhotas, but when the crown turns a mask, it’s a disgrace. Angiras’ siblings are fast proliferating who have successfully erased their personal history. From that vantage position and with a squeaky clean image, they merrily criticize lesser mortals. This is an unfair game, and we demand a level playing field. [TNM]  


  1. Do YOU really want a level playing field? If so, why post such a message? You seem pretty happy posting messages of hate targeting Deshpande, Anurag Banerjee and other serious scholars. The recent message you've posted is threatening Anurag Banergee with an abusive attack...

  2. Dear Anonymous [The Insitute Of Mathematical Sciences ( Madras, Tamil Nadu, India],

    Please quote the "threatening" and "abusive attack" portion for considering deletion. [TNM]