Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Life Divine upon earth is a political objective

From Tusar N. Mohapatra tusarnmohapatra@gmail.com to August Timmermans augusttimmermans@yahoo.com date 13 April 2010 09:07 subject Re: conflict madness
Dear AT,

To say that a human collective is diverse is to say nothing—or at very least, to say nothing new. Sri Aurobindo often refers to Unity, Mutuality, & Harmony. Instead of diversity we can use the word mutuality that leads to unity. This gives diversity a teleological target instead of celebrating diversity for its own sake.

Democracy is a participative means of managing collective affairs that keeps on repairing itself. Fundamentalism is for safeguarding and giving voice to specific interests. Democratically elected Ashram functionaries will certainly be more sensitive towards the sentiments of its residents.  Ashram, itself, can then be an effective actor within the larger democracy (Nation, World Union).

Yoga is religious experience (James), and collective yoga is politics. Life Divine upon earth is a political objective. Integral Yoga is yoked to remembering The Mother & Sri Aurobindo and hence fundamentalist, as no other option is available.  [TNM]  

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