Thursday, April 08, 2010

Exchanging compromise formulas and negotiating them online

Angiras’ siblings have put up a formidable defence of Amal Kiran and Norodbaran with admirable meticulousness and precision. But the issue of 1993 revised edition has now been so entangled with the ire against The Lives of Sri Aurobindo and hostility towards the present Ashram management that it is difficult to expect any reasoned outcome. Court cases, further, make the matter worse. The chance of any climb down from either side seems to be next to remote.

In such a charged atmosphere, personal accusations harden the already hurt feelings. The attempt to delink the revision issue, hence, will hardly succeed. Two years’ acrimony notwithstanding, a rapprochement, I am confident, is still possible. Exchanging compromise formulas and negotiating them online would be a much more desirable venture than expending energy in the present manner. SEOF would be humbly honoured to host such a dialogue. [TNM] 

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