Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our soft power is unmatchable in utility and value

A carnival or any celebration is about a crowd. The more the merrier. Nation, army, politics, religion, culture etc. are also about numbers. The more the number, the greater the standing. Number overshadows all blemishes and assigns legitimacy to even disagreeable propositions.

Quantity, thus, may be paramount, but quality, too, matters. Quality, in most cases, makes up for lack of quantity. Nourishing quality, therefore, is far more desirable than chasing quantity all the while. Quantity-based ventures face the risk of collapsing for the want of quality critical mass. At the moment, as Savitri Erans we lack the numbers. But quality wise we are far ahead.

This core competence needs to be harnessed for an efficient brand building exercise with an eye to seek quantity. The soft power we are in possession of is unmatchable in utility and value. A vast section of the Indian population suddenly waking up to its worth is very much on the anvil. Sharpening our wit and eloquence within ourselves must continue; but the real emphasis is better directed at the public outside. [TNM]      

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