Tuesday, November 01, 2011

In search of rigour

[The most rigorous expression of pluralism as a theoretical project I know of is expressed by Richard McKeon. - For The Turnstiles by DGA on Oct 31, 2011 10:42 PM]

[Keynesianism has conquered the hearts and minds of politicians and ordinary people alike because it provides a theoretical justification for irresponsible behaviour. Don't Look to Political Parties for a Solution? - Coordination Problem by Peter Boettke on Oct 31, 2011 9:51 PM]

[ Will a prioritization of political ideals seem fair to members of a secular society, and, perhaps more importantly, does it capture the challenges that face the kind of democracies we currently characterize as governed by secularism? My suspicion is that the answer is no ... Taking a stance - The Immanent Frame by Lars T√łnder on Oct 31, 2011 10:17 PM]

[Press Council chief says he has a dim view of most journalists, TOI, 31 Oct 2011 - Press Council chief Markandey Katju has written to PM suggesting that the electronic media should be brought under its purview and should be given more teeth.]

[The lack of logical rigour is a running feature of the UPA's effort to attack the Jan Lokpal movement... There is adifference between the interesting and the important, the distracting and the dangerous and a key role of the media is to accord differential priorities to events rather than paint them all with a uniform brush. ...
Increasingly, ideology tends to overwhelm principle; the desire to support any action, however unsavoury, if it happens to be aligned with one's own views, is visible on both sides. Santosh Desai, Democracy without dissent? Times of India, October 31, 2011]

It is amusing to hear Santosh Desai - who hails from the advertising profession - recommending calibration to news media. Advertising, a key engine of Modern (also called Capitalist) society, is primarily responsible for inflated representation through mind-space manipulation. Paper-money system too follows the same route for creating a false sense of prosperity. All religions run on the basic premise of the devotee securing a promise from the God. Leftist thinkers keep on churning words with the certitude that they can successfully define the world without the hypothesis of God.

Thus, it is an irony to talk about rigour against the backdrop of irrational voters and irrational markets. The friction between ethics and aesthetics is perhaps key to the survival of the human race and hence finding the right balance or integration must receive priority by the society. [TNM55]

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