Saturday, November 22, 2008

Blog and frog and elephant

[Matsuo Bashô: Frog Haiku
The original Japanese:
Furu ike ya kawazu tobikomu mizu no oto
Old pond — frogs jumped in — sound of water.
Translated by Lafcadio Hearn
pond frog plop!
Translated by James Kirkup]

The beauty of a blog is in its brevity, or so we suppose who prefer to take cover under the Kautilyan dictum of keeping mum being the strength of the unwise and Chaucer's to make virtue of necessity as inspiration dries up after half a line invariably every fine morning.

On the other hand we have RY Deshpande who returns with his Mirror of Tomorrow and Savitri: the Light of the Supreme whose “endless” elephantine essays ever bewilder like the “topless” towers of Ilion. Welcome. [TNM]

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