Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sattwa will return to reign and sow order

[I was on a flight from Frankfurt. I saw two young men in their late or mid-20s who were travelling by the first class, and I was slightly surprised. I had gone to attend a board meeting and it was a huge bank, and they pay. That is fine. But these were 25 or 26-year old people and they were travelling first class. What does it mean? It means we have created a value system that says you are a success if you travel by first class, you are a success if you own a flashy car, you are a success if you own a big house, etc. That is why, in fact, I suggested at Davos a few years ago that we need to create a system where we can rank world corporate leaders based on their respectability. -- Narayana Murthy Moneycontrol » News » CNBC-TV18 Tue, Nov 11, 2008]

[Why do schoolteachers get paid a pittance and bankers get million dollar severances? Why do IIM graduates get higher starting salaries than the salaries earned after 20 years of teaching by the very professors who taught them and made them worthy of being hired in the first place?... On what basis do we get paid for the work we do? What determines the monetary worth that our toils merit? ... Many years ago, fresh out of management school, I remember telling my aunt how much I earned. It was a pittance compared to what management graduates earn today. Even so, her genuinely bewildered question to me was, 'What exactly do you do to earn so much?' It was and continues to be a good question. -- Santosh Desai Proximity is key to raking it in TOI 9 Nov 2008, City City Bang Bang]

What we are witnessing at present is a phenomenon which can be called, the Collapse of all Calibration. It is not exactly transvaluation of all values but a chaotic and anarchic vehemence against hierarchy that is at play. The vital is shuffling with a vengeance but Sattwa will return to reign and sow order. [TNM]

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