Sunday, November 09, 2008

Perennial prevarication

[American Transcendentalism: A History by Philip F. Gura Reviewed ...
by Debashish ... German Romanticism, Enlightenment Philosophy and other sources, continues to flow like an invisible river under the surface of American capitalism, inspiring a vision of the future convergent with that held up by Sri Aurobindo. ...
Science, Culture and Integral Yoga - Permanent Link]

[Going beyond external forms
by m alan kazlev Well, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother - the two most Radical Evolutionary Realisers - were the ones who initiated the Integral Paradigm. Not just intellectually, but perhaps more radically occultly and esoterically as well. ...
Integral Transformation -]

It is abominating for the Savitri Erans to compare The Mother and Sri Aurobindo with others and treat them as just one of the many. [TNM]

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