Thursday, November 20, 2008

Unbearable Lightness of Humility

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The Savitri Study Center (Centro Studi Savitri, CSS) is a very small groups of friends sharing a common love for Savitri, for Sri Aurobindo and for the Mother.
The CSS in no way claims to represent Sri Aurobindo's vision, or to have any correct or complete interpretation of it. In no way it claims to have anything to teach. In no way it should be considered as a guide or an authority.
The CSS also does not claim to represent in any way those who have an interest in Sri Aurobindo's vision. CSS's activities are only intended for those who feel some kind of affinity with them. The web site is managed by Carlo Chiopris and Monica Pirazzoli. English Section]

Humility is deservedly a coveted virtue but if it reaches this level of lightness, then it becomes unbearable. There is no reason why a Center can't "claim to have anything to teach." [TNM]

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