Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have thought deeply about human life

The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have insisted on relying on an intuitive or spiritual solution to various problems besetting the human condition. But they were cautious not to advance the illusion that large masses of people are soon to be uplifted to spiritual heights. Nor they promised that by following their teaching for a few years, one can attain yogic powers and start dispensing spiritual solutions.

The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have thought deeply about human life and how to rescue it from the fetters of finitude and inanity. They were engaged in a life long endeavor to discover radical remedial measures despite full play of deficiencies in the disciples with whose collaboration they were exploring. The writings of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo, for most part, are concerned with practice of various disciplines for spiritual progress; but that, in no way, should create the impression that, they were not much bothered about common human life.

The breakthrough that they conjointly have been able to accomplish in the arcane realm of consciousness is not accessible to verification. Consequently, for this we have to believe, if at all one cares to, in their own words and advices. This is purely a belief system that has crystallized as a Religion over the years. There is, therefore, no reason why this lived-option be questioned, derided, or vilified. [TNM]

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