Thursday, November 13, 2008

We shall have to walk the talk and achieve something tangible

from Tusar N. Mohapatra <> date 9 November 2008 13:01 subject Re: mutilating TRUTH

Many thanks for expressing your support for my views. But that is not enough. This time around, we shall have to walk the talk and attempt to achieve something tangible. Not only the model of change has to be thrashed out, but also the modality for change has to be worked out. Adequate strategizing for surmounting legal and institutional impediments that would abound has to be put in place. I propose that a seven member committee be constituted for this purpose. Thanking you, Tusar N. Mohapatra [9:09 AM]

from Tusar N. Mohapatra <> date13 November 2008 12:33 subject Re: So called intellectuals......

Thanks for the invocation from Savitri, and expressing the certitude that "The stage is set." As you know people a bit intimately, it would be unfair to expect them to switch at once over to new tricky roles. Especially when the overall situation is no less complex and confusing. So, setting forth the goals as well as priorities is important.

No need to invest all our hopes upon the same set of known names. A whole multitude of unknown aspirants is waiting in the wings and needs to be harnessed to an organizational hierarchy. And for that we have to convince ourselves first to come under the yokes. Things can move fast if instead of talking as individuals, we interact with respective designations. [TNM] Yours fraternally, Tusar N. Mohapatra

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