Friday, November 07, 2008

A mother's cry

[In his 1973 paper Meaning and Reference, Hilary Putnam advanced that we do not automatically know the content of our own beliefs; we’re told this knowledge is not something that can always be readily achieved by individual effort. To determine what we really believe, Putnam recommended, we ought to consult a collective body. Supposedly meaning can only be determined socially through a division of labor. This means an elite of experts, most likely progressive experts given Putnam’s Marxist leanings, perhaps from Harvard or MIT... It isn’t accident that A Theory of Justice appeared two years before Putnam’s paper. Something funky was in the air. Rawls rolled out the Veil of Ignorance; Putnam had Twin-Earth. The masses deep down are really good; they simply just don’t really know their own beliefs and desires and need elites to decide for them. Meaning and Reference from Thoughts, Books, and Philosophy by jhbowden]

[So which version is true? Which is a fact? -- Makarand Paranjape (2005) Permanent Link]

[When the sawyers were measuring out the child's head the first woman did not ... 26-28) where King Solomon decides a dispute between two prostitutes... Encyclopaedia of Jainism - Google Books Result by Nagendra Kr Singh, Indo-European Jain Research ... - 2001 - Jainism]

One of the most "exacting" or “scientific” methods of determination is perhaps by a mother's cry. [TNM]

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