Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Power-grabbing agenda are valid democratic activities

[this is only a means to their end of ousting the present ashram management and establishing themselves as the official clergy of Aurobindonianity. Re: Competing Visions of History koantum Mon 17 Nov 2008]

[Bijan, Srikant, Bailochan, and you (PPR) are known to be following your own personal power-grabbing agendas. So stop pretending to be saviours of the Ashram, and get down to your respective sadhanas. -- S has left a new comment on your post "They steal other people's ideas and thoughts and..." 8:14 AM 4:12 PM2:05 PM]

[Obama’s victory is not just another shift in the eternal parliamentary struggle for a majority, with all the pragmatic calculations and manipulations that involves. It is a sign of something more... Obama’s victory is a sign of history in the triple Kantian sense of signum rememorativum, demonstrativum, prognosticum. Use Your Illusions Slavoj Žižek LRB 14 November 2008 Slavoj Žižek]

Ousting present managements and power-grabbing agenda are valid democratic activities and there is no reason why one should shiver upon hearing any conversation on this. Investing one's trust in the virtue of status quoism is as much a symptom of inertia as an abiding faith in Perennial Philosophy. [TNM]

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