Monday, November 24, 2008

Savitri Era Religion has uncontested market space

[A Fractal-model for Change by Pravir Malik
Mirror of Tomorrow on Mon 24 Nov 2008 12:38 PM IST Permanent Link Cosmos
The power to change things lies within us. Presented here are parts of a theory on how shifts in oneself can have profound shifts in corporations, markets, systems, and the world. It has been said - "Become the change you wish to see in the World". But the elaboration of how this is true may remain a mystery.]

[Blue Ocean Strategy is a business strategy book that promotes a systematic approach "for making the competition irrelevant."[1] It contains retrospective case studies and suggests theoretical approaches to creating "blue oceans" of uncontested market space ripe for growth. The book has sold more than a million copies in its first year of publication and is being published in 39 languages.[2] - Blue Ocean Strategy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia # What is BOS? The three key conceptual building blocks of BOS are: value innovation, tipping point leadership, and fair process.]

Savitri Era Religion has "uncontested market space ripe for growth" for "making the competition irrelevant." Let's resolve to march forward and spread the word. Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. [TNM]

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