Monday, November 03, 2008

Even a bad religion is better than no religion

In the guise of espousing free speech and multiple views we often forget to notice the underlying fundamentalism of skepticism that growls, “There is no one truth.” This convenient whip is able to easily browbeat all voices and thereby earn rich political dividends. The pretext of democracy and accommodating dissent are also similar patronizing and phony standpoints which bring respectability in addition.

Political mobilization of all hues, all over the world, make use of such charlatanism and everyone knows it. Perhaps, it is part of our human weakness that we, not only ignore the irrationality of such motivations, but also become accomplices in providing full-blooded support. Therefore, it is very difficult to pinpoint the source of stimuli that trigger our actions or opinions.

Savitri Era Party has to function in a democratic milieu and hence has to parrot all politically correct clich├ęs. But in the heart of our heart we know that our allegiance is to The Mother and Sri Aurobindo and to no one else. Outwardly we may be talking of plurality and mutuality, but the ultimate target is unity, or even, uniformity. At this point, the political ideal tends to match with religion, and thus, becomes the cause for squeezing of noses by the so called liberals.

Savitri Era Party firmly believes that only by following the philosophy of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo the mankind can save itself. So the task is to gather more and more people under this ideological umbrella. Admittedly, the talk of spirituality or mysticism may not entice many. But an acquaintance with it can happen through the political route. “Even a bad religion is better than no religion,” as Sri Aurobindo said. [TNM]

And therefore the Savitri Era Party Love abiding Savitri Era is our religion The integralism achieved by the yogic vision of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo cannot be bettered Upon Alan's anvil The "no religion" prescription by The Mother and Sri Aurobindo is a long term objective One of us has to be in the forefront to achieve our cherished goals Just look at their eyes and say yes Spread the contagion of The Mother’s love This is the hour to be united for the Savitri Erans McCain can

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