Saturday, March 17, 2012

Chronology and genealogy

After the passing away of the stalwarts from Nolini to Amal, it is extremely significant that the intellectual side of my work for the world of Sri Aurobindo is being re-examined by Banerji and Kepler and many strains of his my theory of the ideal life towards which humanity must move are likely to be articulated in a forthright manner. This is an admirable intellectual exercise and need not be hijacked by tangential controversies or frivolousness.

Scholarship was constrained by publishing earlier which the web has alleviated, thus facilitating exchange of ideas at a scale and speed seen never before. There is, no doubt, a sequence in what Sri Aurobindo wrote or revised. This chronology, in fact, forms the basis of his authorized oeuvre published so far. Hence, disregarding the author’s intention, in the long run, might prove as a minefield. The academic quest for genealogy, however, must never cease. [TNM55]      

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