Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Collaboration with evolution

As discussed in this book, Aurobindo Ghose, a Hindu terrorist, advocated the former at the same time that Gandhi developed the latter (see pages 37–40). Gandhi's theory of power, as excluding every form of violence, physical and psychological, would seem to disqualify him and King as models for terrorists (in King's words, satyagraha must act never in anger or hatred “to defeat or humiliate the opponent”). If Muslim extremists want a philosopher of terrorism in South Asia, complete with a full dose of religious martyrdom, then Aurobindo might be their man. After all, Aurobindo, an exquisite writer, excelled Gandhi in his eloquent espousal of humanitarianism in the cause of Indian liberation, and no Hindu theorist formulated a loftier spiritual vision of global unity.]

Such estimates of Sri Aurobindo abound and speculations flourish around his political role, but the essential thrust of his mission is often missed. Since we see him and The Mother as divine, their writings cease to be the only defining elements. A worldwide following who are silently engaged in bringing change in their environment in whatever little way is what The Mother & Sri Aurobindo represent today in a living form as against the disjointed sepia-tinged profile that the history books paint. Comparing them with their contemporaries may be the common method for the academicians, but for us no one comes anywhere near them and they occupy all the top ten slots in any ranking scale.

This might sound as passionate eulogizing, but the fact is that apart from their divine manifestation, the profundity of their intellectual output justifies this. Further, not only mere theorizing, an actual collaborative endeavour with the evolutionary process is what their major contribution is, and hence, spreading of their message constitutes such an urgent task. Savitri Era Party is engaged in popularizing this more important facet of Sri Aurobindo in place of the image of a mere yoga-guru. [TNM55]   

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  1. [Although he stood ten feet above us, each foot a sky, he yet attended to every detail of this life of ours, eternity taking care of each and every moment of time, each ray kindling a spark in each grain, in each particle of dust. Comment posted by RY Deshpande Re: Two Poems by Arjava with Sri Aurobindo’s Comments] http://www.mirroroftomorrow.org/blog/_archives/2012/3/7/5011102.html#1583047