Wednesday, March 14, 2012

FDM precedes TWD

[Regional bosses rising TOI SWAPAN DASGUPTA Mar 14, 2012 
Hindu solidarity has proved an ephemeral binding force for disparate castes and communities… However, with economic decision-making devolving increasingly to the states, the disjuncture in political choice between the national and the state level may not be so marked. The time may have indeed come for another Tirupati-style conclave of the regional bosses to prepare for a time they could decide India's next prime minister.]

The BJP is also in its own delusions. It keeps trying to reach out to the Muslim voters, and in the process loses its Hindu identity, which alone separates it from the Congress. But the truth is that Muslims will never vote for the BJP… This is a tragic mistake; for not only it is at the cost of the large silent majority of India, the Hindus, but this cynical calculation has never benefited the Muslim community economically… The truth is that the Muslim population keeps growing and thus its electoral clout keeps increasing.] 

Those who were quick to provide intellectual bulwark when NDA ruled have gradually turned disillusioned with BJP. The reason is not far to seek, but they still fear to spell it out clearly. The vision of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, alone, has the power to lift this country from the present rot, and the Five Dreams Manifesto (FDM) of Sri Aurobindo, broadcast a few hours before Nehru delivered his Tryst With Destiny (TWD) speech on August 14, 1947, holds the key. [TNM55 2:31 PM]

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