Saturday, March 10, 2012

Savitri Era Religion offers a modern and liberal choice

[Who is a Hindu? The credal definitions – Koenraad Elst « Bharata ... bharatabharati Posted on March 10, 2012 by IS. Who is a Hindu 18 Oct 2008 Sri Aurobindo on caste: The difficult relation between caste in Hindu history and modern anti-caste reform was perhaps best articulated by Sri Aurobindo. First of all, he emphasizes the confinement of caste to purely worldly affairs: 11:31 AM]

[Review of Being Different: An Indian Challenge to Western Universalism by Rajiv Malhotra (Reviewed by Prof. Indra Nath Choudhuri, Former Director, Sahitya Academy) It has become all the more necessary to respond with renewed efforts to replace the clash of civilizations with a dialogue among civilizations.]

[Ever Irrational Indian National Congress – Folks Magazine By Team Folks Columns - N S Rajaram The Congress party that was founded by an Englishman may be ended by an Italian woman… ‘charisma’ is no longer working. Navaratna Rajaram.
As far back as 1926 Sri Aurobindo observed: “Gandhi is a European— truly, a Russian Christian in an Indian body.” … Almost ten years before Gandhi arrived on the Indian scene Sri Aurobindo had noted (1906): “…the Congress started from the beginning with a misconception of the most elementary facts of politics and with its eyes turned towards the British Government and away from the Indians.” Note: Some of this is discussed in more detail in the author’s book Gandhi, Khilafat and the National Movement]

[Adieu to fiats of high commands - The Times of India › Opinion Dileep Padgaonkar Mar 10, 2012. All the same, with the exception of the Left, no political party today clamours for a return to statist policies… There is no demand from any quarter to jettison them root and branch. Here then is the Indian way forward - one that seeks to avoid the debilitating pitfalls of unfettered capitalism and statist policies alike.
Some such movement forward is now needed in the political arena as well. The two national parties have been loath to acknowledge the writing on the wall. It says, in substance, that political choices are made on the basis of interests and concerns perceived and articulated at regional, sub-regional and, indeed, local levels. What matters more and more is performance, not rhetoric, substance, not charisma or hollow appeals for caste or religious solidarity… The leaders of all the three parties, rooted in the soil, shied away from caste or religious appeals and focussed instead on development, transparency and good governance.]

Padgaonkar is almost toeing the End of History line, but we disagree with his take on religion. Faith will continue to sway political affiliation, and therefore, Savitri Era Religion offers a modern and liberal choice to the new generation. [TNM55]  

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