Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Current lens is OOO

K: But I presume your talking about a conceptual similarity and not that you are claiming Deleuze was actually experiencing the Supermind or converting all his experience to Ananda.
DB: Yes. He arrived philosophically at “virtual” ontologies and empirical practices aimed at “actualizing” them. 11:53 AM  8:00 PM 12:45 PM]

[Reviews - yabaluri.org Sri Aurobindo Mandir Annual Published on the occasion of the 70th Birthday of Sri Aurobindo (15-8-1942), by Sri Aurobindo Patha Mandir, Calcutta. Price Rs. 3-8.
Sri Aurobindo’s teachings and message have profound significance as at once a masterly and magnificent presentation of ancient Indian wisdom and a challenging metaphysical contribution, both as speculation and as sadhana. It must be admitted, however, that the appeal of Sri Aurobindo’s writings has been limited to but a small number, the cultured and philosophical elite of India and abroad. Any work, like the one under review, which may make the thoughts of Sri Aurobindo better known to the world is therefore welcome… Dr. S. K. Maitra’s, "Sri Aurobindo and Bergson" shows how Sri Aurobindo is "a more uncompromising opponent of all respectability and convention and an even greater volcanic thinker" than Bergson himself. KASYAPA 4:19 AM]

What Maitra ventured in 1942, Banerji, quite enticingly, continues in 2012. Heehs imbroglio, however, has clouded his reputation, and hence, he will have to take extra pains to establish his commitment to ontology instead of ideology. Deleuze, by the way, is passé, and the current lens is OOO. Graham Harman is at the forefront in the web in overturning the previous readings of old schools. Fierce ontological battles are being fought in which qualified people should take part. At least, keeping abreast is a must in order to pass on the thought. [TNM55]

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