Sunday, March 18, 2012

Divine right to rule till last breath

The euphoria of a new party being born is still fresh in my mind having attended the convention of the Bharatiya Lok Dal in Bhubaneswar in 1974. The chaotic political situation in the country today, however, is no better 38 years later. Not a single party has a dominant all India presence and most of the parties are devoid of any ideological anchorage. Furthermore, the most paradoxical aspect is that no party runs in a democratic manner. For this, we can easily blame the blemishes of human nature. But the systemic aspects are also equally to blame.  

The Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, Puducherry, of course, has elevated itself from any kind of democratic functioning or questioning. Das Gupta, by his mysterious dignified silence, has surpassed all norms of civility and accountability. By claiming tacitly the divine right to rule till his last breath, he is now the monarch of all he surveys. None disputes that, but it’s difficult to rule out the questions of propriety. Hence, it devolves upon the aspirants of life divine to put in place appropriate modalities of good internal governance. [TNM55]  

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