Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Hazare mirage

There was a lot of hype about the Anna effect in this election and BJP was sure that the undercurrent is in its favour. But the results show nothing of the sort has happened and BJP has been shown the place it deserves. Mayawati lost because of the statues, and Congress, for its imperial style. SP is likely to become a new rallying point at the national level thus triggering tremors prior to 2014. On the whole, UP voting for a single party majority is a big respite. [TNM55]

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  1. Choosing SP is an obvious for the UP, either Maya or Mulayam. What is interesting to see is that wht UP decides when neither Mulayam nor Mayabati is going to full fill the leadership role. What I feel there is a strong believe that Congress is not an option for neutral voters. Uttarakhand is another example, where BJP performed in a better way. People do not want to vote for COngress.