Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Year’s Day for the Savitri Erans

[Savitri Era: March 29 as the Day of Joy and Hope 24 Dec 2007 by Tusar N Mohapatra
We too want a festival, not only for prayer and meditation but also for merrymaking. There is no better date than 29th March, the day when The Mother met Sri Aurobindo. 8:35 AM]

Today is like the New Year’s Day for the Savitri Erans. It is heartening to learn that Mirror of Tomorrow metamorphoses for “a broader scope with a larger coverage of topics and issues” from today. Our congratulations. Banerji clarifying that “my interest does not lie in fighting on one side or other of that debate” too brings relief.

The most important point which needs to be remembered regarding our path is that it is uncharted and privileges emergence. Old texts and past examples are of little help, and hence, “This is how it works” doesn’t apply. Besides, the collective aspect is much more crucial here than the personal progress. And just because The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have established an Ashram, all other Ashram-founders do not become their equivalents. It is essential, therefore, that such aggressive pollution is filtered out, and we expect course correction by those concerned.
The Cuttack Conference begins on April 4. All are requested to explore the possibility of visiting and savour the unique feel of immersing in The Mother’s Mahakumbh by merging among the thousands. [TNM55]   

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