Monday, March 05, 2012

Unlearning is a prime requisite

Many young people are put off by esoteric idioms of yogic practice, and fortunately, The Mother & Sri Aurobindo offer a very simplified system adaptable to personal needs and aptitude. More than any individual achievement, they ask for collective participation in the aspiration of the earth consciousness for the next evolution. This voluntary collaboration, they underline, is crucial, and in this sense, we may well appreciate the vital role of an individual.

Those who love to pontificate and add gravitas to their articles may be obsessed with Chakras and Nadis and what not, but in Integral Yoga the key is this aspiration. An ontological perspective, therefore, is an important factor instead of the usual egoistic motivation of attaining self-realization or accumulating power. The New Age objectives like success or well-being also present a distorted picture. Hence, a lot of unlearning is a prime requisite for being co-opted into the wavelength of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

A certain section is against any public display of faith, but the truth is that many are dependent upon a like-minded crowd for sustaining their level of conviction and its periodical ratification. Human congregation certainly has a much wider effect than the rational. Thus, a political or religious route of getting affiliated to an otherwise noble goal may not be all that unwelcome. [TNM55]         

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