Friday, August 16, 2013

Hyderabad and Hinduism

December 9, 2006 can be considered as a watershed moment when Heehs, the historian returned his verdict at Hyderabad granting divorce between Sri Aurobindo and Hinduism. Now we look forward in anticipation where exactly he is Situating Sri Aurobindo in the forthcoming Reader edited by him seven years later. India is a heaven for comlex overlaps and imbicrations where myriad traditions have coexisted for Centuries. It's a challenge, therefore, to rescue Sri Aurobindo from conflicting appropriations and uninformed straitjacketing.
The task, obviously, is not easy as long as no conscious effort is mounted with dedicated institutional patronage. Then, there is the problem of securing a consensus among scholars of diverse political persuasions. But the necessity, nevertheless, of such a project cannot be emphasised more and more so adverting to the religion aspect. [TNM55]

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