Saturday, August 17, 2013

Integral Evolution and World Union

August 20 is the World Union Day. The Third Dream of Sri Aurobindo is not as remote or abstract as the next two. Google itself represents a coming together of the whole world on a single platform. This has happened through the sheer logic of commerce and technology. But the transformation it has brought about at the cultural level of the present generation is immeasurable. Internet is forcing the feeling of unity among people inhabiting continents apart. But the question of Religion is not easy to overcome for anyone.
The vision of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo cannot work in a vacuum. It needs people, adherents to carry it forward with dedication over the long term. Proper understanding and adequate conviction is also essential for being eligible for the task. All this come under the purview of Religion that trains persons right from a very young age.
Fortunately, the network of seekers and Centres all over the Globe have established a groundswell of reputation and anticipation for Integral Evolution. The supremacy of Sri Aurobindo's predictions is increasingly being recognised on the theoretical front too. That gives the hope that the dream of the World Union is certainly not a chimera.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have consistently advised to keep the young away from superstitions and, accordingly, Savitri Era Religion discourages capitulating before meaningless rituals and mythological fictions. Freeing minds from old ontological confusions is perhaps the most challenging affair for the devotees of The Mother. [TNM55]

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