Friday, August 16, 2013

The Mother gave it a Global turn

The supposedly intellectual environment in Twitter is no doubt impressive and enticing, but most are experts and activists who lack curiosity and are indifferent to ideas beyond their known horizons. Consequently, the emphasis is on the moment instead of any sustained endeavour at learning and grasping essential theoretical differences. A bland antipathy towards the West harboured by most also poses a serious disability. This is strange because to think of modern India without the contribution of the West is simply impossible. All great men and their ideological legacies are indebted to variations of Western thought in more or less degree. Thus to understand those inspirations and affiliations more intimately is a challenge today for the present generation in India. Loyalty to some political stream is fine but being callous to subtle philosophical distinctions is a colossal wastage of the intellect.
Sri Aurobindo had the difficult challenge of channelising the diverse strands of Renaissance that had evolved in India before he arrived in the scene. By the time he established it firmly on a Vedic foundation, encounter with The Mother gave it a Global turn and universal focus. Now there is no escape from this course of human destiny and resolutely becoming parochial or provincial or even merely patriotic is counterproductive. The Market also hints at alternative solutions for us instead of being unduly worried about the slide of the Rupee.

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