Sunday, August 18, 2013

Situating Sri Aurobindo poses a real ideological challenge

It'd be a safe assumption to say that 80 percent people are averse to reading, may be even more. Even our eyes, I remember to have read somewhere, are not designed to undertake the burden of reading. Discussing or listening to a speech is more attractive as vitality, obviously, is more involved there while reading is an asocial activity. More people can spend time by silently listening to music while the library will be deserted. This is perhaps the reason why Religions rely less on books and more on other paraphernalia. 
8,000 devotees visited the Ashram on the Darshan Day in Puducherry. The percentage of readers here will certainly be substantially higher as books occupy a central place in the Savitri Era Religion. The task of disseminating a new Ontology is very much upon each devotee of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. Here our fight is not only with the old Religions but also against the formidable apparatus of Philosophy as well as Science. As a young religion, we must always be vigilant against encouraging anti-intellectualism and easygoing ritualism that is prevalent so widely.
The fallout of Heehs imbroglio has unfortunately engulfed the whole Ashram and Situating Sri Aurobindo, therefore, poses a real ideological challenge. It seems that the fault-line more or less is aligned to the divide in the national politics and hence the stake is considerably higher. If only our resident satirist could think straight and avoid contorted humour! [TNM55]

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