Sunday, October 16, 2016

Separating from a blade of grass its main fibre

Both as a seeker of perfection and as a sociopolitical agent, the individual appears in a much reductionist mode in Sri Aurobindo's hands. This is one of the major flaws in Sri Aurobindo's theory which draws its lineage from the Greek times. Thoreau too experiments with an extreme model while Royace is keen to salvage with his notion of religious community.

Ubiquity of TV, Internet, and Mobile phones, however, has altered the world irrevocably. The individual is too much connected now and can't be alone for even half a day. He is much more susceptible today to diverse group dynamics and also vulnerable to their vicissitudes. On the whole, the freedom of the individual is much restricted now and to that extent his independent aspiration. The art of manipulating minds through mass media and event management is now a bonafide field of study in B-schools for awarding Degrees. Not to be left behind, spiritual organisations are holding workshops and camps to educate and influence minds by stimulating group vitality. 

Millions of Indians languishing in poverty and deprivation is another aspect where individuality is severely compromised. Speaking of Yoga is nothing but a joke to them. Those masses who can't think beyond their daily labour and survival are perhaps a specimen of outside any theoretical redemption, let alone actual. The paradox is that they are all voters and different political parties woo them as loyal followers. But how the individual's spark in them can finally be ignited by Evolution is a matter of much speculation and anticipation. [TNM55]

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11:11 PM, October 15, 2016 By and large, women have come to accept the past as a permanent pointer to the future. The biases perpetuate, and parents inevitably pass on their beliefs to their children.

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