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Savitri Era Religion is a legal requisite

Sri Aurobindo was born in Kolkata on August 15, 1872 and was educated in England. Was an official in Vadodara and later became a college teacher there. Wrote poems and read a lot to be acquainted with the Indian tradition. Took interest in fighting the British and went to Kolkata

First a college principal and then a writer on political matters in a newspaper, he became well known. Moving around to give public speeches didn't take long. British were rattled. He spent a year in jail as an undertrial. Wrote on religion and philosophy. Went to Chandannagar.

It's important to remember that when Sri Aurobindo started publishing his flagship philosophical venture The Life Divine in 1914, abundant intellectual fermentation had taken place in the West including Vivekananda's speech at the World's Parliament of Religions, Chicago in 1893.

Tracing the intellectual genealogy of Sri Aurobindo may not be a very credible exercise given his yogic expertise but a host of thinkers in the West were around at the same time theorising almost on the same lines, when he was publishing the successive chapters of The Life Divine. 

This month in 2008, the Heehs imbroglio broke out leading to immense mental suffering and tension by a lot of people. The ban on the book is still a blot on the good name of Sri Aurobindo. There must be some serious effort to undo the impetuous action by a handful of enthusiasts.

Tagore's songs are not accessible to most Indians, yet he is considered as a great poet. Sri Aurobindo wrote in English but educated Indians are hardly aware of his poetry or plays. Prejudice against Sri Aurobindo is widespread: Purushottama Lal, Nissim Ezekiel, Ashis Nandy et al
One may belong to any religion but the academic or critical honesty is critical. Nandy falters on many counts vis-à-vis Sri Aurobindo.

You are avoiding mentioning Sri Aurobindo's original formulation on evolution, it seems. @NathTusar

Being fed on festivities and rituals, most Indians are indifferent to philosophy. Cosmological or Ontological questions never bother or taken for granted as told in mythologies. Sri Aurobindo seeks to change this scenario and asks everyone to be aware of own inner consciousness.

Yoga is a much misunderstood word now but fortunately The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have preserved its authentic connotation. Still its identification with meditation and spirituality is common. But utilitarian aspects like managing moods and other self-management tips are also there. 

In the Uttarpara speech he spoke of encountering god everywhere in the jail and thereafter his associates treated him as god. He is said to have become one with god in 1926 when the Ashram took a formal shape. More and more disciples gathered and thought that he is Supreme Divine.

Savitri Era Religion is against Hindu mythology and rituals. Its only condition is faith in The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. Modern generation needs such a religion free from irrationality and superstitions. It's a global fraternity with Centres in almost every country. All may join.

Looks odd but as the Founder of Savitri Era Religion laying down certain basic codes is necessary. Those who worship Ram, Krishna, Durga, or other gods or gurus don't belong here. Keeping photographs of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo alongwith other gods in puja room is a discrepancy

Integral Yoga is not a free-for-all affair. Allegiance to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is the first and foremost principle. Not worshiping other gods or gurus is the second. Realisation and siddhi belong to traditional yoga; so renouncing old formulas is the last but not the least.

Our job is to disseminate the message of Sri Aurobindo despite criticisms. Most people haven't read his works and misconceptions about him are stupendous. Even among the devotees also so much of difference of opinion persists. I therefore created the Savitri Era banner for unity.

Examining some issue in any reasonably adequate manner requires around 800 words. Thus a blog post is ideal for this purpose. Those who are willing to write can avail the hospitality of my string of blogs that are running since 2005. Twitter is a hit-and-run medium; full of false bravado.

Savitri Era: Opening the doors of Universities to Sri Aurobindo
Tweets by Tusar Nath Mohapatra @NathTusar, Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) and Founder-President of Savitri Era Party
Savitri Era of those who adore,
Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

Savitri Era September 27, 2006
Manibhai's razor
Religious festivals and the Deities are being given undue importance and instead of appreciating the writings of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo about them in abstraction they are presented literally @NathTusar 

HareRama-HareKrishna Bhajan-Mandali is flexing its muscles and must be thwarted from polluting Savitri Era Religion. Unadulterated allegiance to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is non-negotiable. 
Savitri Era Religious Fraternity: Our impurities are being unglued

Plain & Simple: It's for others to evaluate my work and its ramifications
Collated by Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) & Founder-President of Savitri Era Party 
Savitri Era of those who adore,
Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

I had deleted many posts a decade back, but they stay still relevant. Legal shelter of Savitri Era Religion is much more a requisite now to escape obscurantism.

I became a father on this day forty years back and The Mother's writings on education and parenting had stood me in good stead. I had studied a bit of educational psychology in the college but the kind of things The Mother says in Science of Living is simply marvelous. Gratitude.

Future evolution is the issue and the first priority. Events of the past and various experiments for implementing the ideologies give a fair idea that something is missing. Redesigning the human society is our responsibility. So old frameworks and yardsticks need to be abdicated.

Geography and language constitute a nation's territory. Hence the States are eminent candidates for being conferred Sovereignty. When the Parliament of India will do this by dissolving itself is a matter of time. Simple solution to myriad problems Central govt. is entangled with.

Different religions have flourished due to patronage of successive kings. Many deities have been discarded in favour of something new. So Sanatana Dharma is a misleading phrase. Past history is rarely recorded; it's all hagiography. So Sri Aurobindo is the most potent alternative. 

Instead of researching on Ashoka or Akbar, it's a thousand times profitable to focus on Sri Aurobindo. Most people are ignorant of him and his redemptive philosophy. Following him can offer immense intellectual and aesthetic satisfaction. People from all professions are welcome.

Sri Aurobindo has successfully woven his Vedic theory of evolution into that of Darwin's and predicts a new human species.

There was nothing upon this planet (Anna - matter) after which came the plants and animals (Prana - life). Then appeared man (Mana - mind). Supramental is the next stage (Vigyana). Ananda is the last Kosha as enumerated in the Taittiriya Upanishad. Sri Aurobindo modifies Darwin.

Indians are so habituated in worshiping multiple idols that exclusive faith and surrender to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo sounds as fascist. But for Savitri Era Religion, that's the reality. Those flouting are themselves to blame. Coming under the umbrella of a common faith crucial

Belonging to a particular religion is a legal necessity and since I don't believe in mythological gods and goddesses and detest rituals I founded Savitri Era Religion. Hope you are aware of Auroville case and Justice O. Chinnappa Reddy's dissenting verdict

Finally, please read something on Sri Aurobindo (at least the Wikipedia article) so that you can debate better on the subject. This conversation is just ranting and not educative. Thanks for entertainment.
Birds of same feather flock together!

See, I'm doing my job as a long time follower of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. I'm also campaigning for Sovereignty to the States on linguistic lines. It's for others to evaluate my work and its ramifications. My views from 2005 onwards are at

What's wrong with that? Time and evolution have their own trajectory. You are surely doing whatever best you can but the future is under no compulsion to conform to your cherished scenario. So realistic expectations are good.

Your apprehension is not unfounded but no one can predict the future so accurately. Savitri Era Religion is working for bringing people of different religions into its fold in the Auroville model.

When you probe a little bit more what Sri Aurobindo, the greatest son of modern India, has accomplished will come to the fore. You needn't agree with him but as an Indian, it's essential to be acquainted with his poetry and philosophy. Link to his writings

I have just stated the facts. Beyond that I have no means to redress your grievance. Perhaps it was shocking for the first time; later you will forget. @DattatreyaDash

When you probe a little bit more what Sri Aurobindo, the greatest son of modern India, has accomplished will come to the fore. You needn't agree with him but as an Indian, it's essential to be acquainted with his poetry and philosophy. Link to his writings

It has existed for more than a hundred years but you seem to be not much aware about it. It's a new synthetic formulation encompassing the whole humanity.

So why complain? Those who have talent have done it. It's a leadership model; case study for management courses.

Sri Aurobindo Ashram was established in 1926 and from then on thousands of Centres have come up across the country and abroad. People find some value in it.

If you check the contents page of this book, you can be aware of many new things.
Misc. References

[The Soul of Nations – Healing and Evolution
Two of the most important, and opposing, trends in the modern world are internationalism and chauvinism, or narrow parochialism. Proponents of internationalism, of a world where countries are no longer divided.]

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[“Goethe broke off from the rhetorical and generic norms of aristocratic culture and sought to capture experience in its emergence and freshness” Goethe was born #OnThisDay in 1749. Professor David E. Wellbery picks 5 books. ]

[‘One of the things that I probably learned growing up in Auroville is that worlds have an internal coherence, which at times may not be apparent to the outside. I feel it’s good to respect and empathise with other points of view,’ says @akashkapur ]

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