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Sri Aurobindo has envisaged a religion for humanity

Challenges before Savitri Era:
1. Erasing mythological narratives from the collective consciousness, 
2. Busting the myth of Indiaś glorious past that whitewashes deprivation, exploitation, and suffering, and
3. Replacing the Marxist/Nehruvian history of Modern India with focus on Sri Aurobindo.

Itś evident that people are drawn towards certain ideologies more for the sake of material gains than any real rational choice. Savitri Era seeks to break that unholy nexus. To make one convinced that he is following a wrong path and Sri Aurobindo is only true choice is the task.

Right now it's in the embryonic stage. Let it grow and then we can examine it under the microscope. 
I don't disagree with your apprehensions but the fact is that it's already there for over a hundred years and growing organically. I'm merely a foot soldier who derives life's satisfaction by just following and tweeting.

Itś heartening to note that young people are reading but books relating to Sri Aurobindo is a low priority. A slow and steady journey however is a good strategy but even longtime scholars fail to imbibe the spirit of Integrality. A few curiously attain experience but spew hatred.

So many webinars are taking place on Sri Aurobindo but no one shares anything on the discussions held. Intellectual content is relegated to the background and a large photograph adorns the tweet. Disseminating abstracts of speeches can encourage and inspire the young generation.

150th anniversary year began on August 15, 2021 and ten days have already passed. Two dozen handles are active but no one has any plans how to take advantage of this occasion. No one feels the urgency of mobilising manpower for spreading the message of Sri Aurobindo far and wide.

Twitter is a good mode of time-pass. Or, for sampling some news and views. A few likes or a comment once in a blue moon. But when it comes to pushing a new ideology like Sri Aurobindoś, a certain dedication, coordination, and systematic work is required in 150th year celebration.

We needn't wait till 2047 to evaluate what happened in 1947. States must enjoy Sovereignty on linguistic lines and thereafter it's upon local population to decide which way to align or design overseas contacts. Political parties are battling for survival and relevance. Who cares?

How itś that no one is perturbed as to why the greatest son of India has been denied his deserved status and honour in his own country, by his own people? What the govt has done for Sri Aurobindo? What the universities are doing for his thought and poetry? Why this callousness?

Agree but my tweet's target is the whole nation and not only the Ashram. No journalist, no public intellectual or politician is excited about Sri Aurobindo. Those who understand are mostly silent and lack courage for activism lest they will be branded and lose other opportunities.

Many people resent my tweets and advise me to read Sri Aurobindo again. Obviously, they have been brought up in the flower decorated meditation halls listening to melodious music. It will be done when The Mother wants, is their logic. But The Mother also needs right instruments.

I have not read any of their original works but some awareness on Hegel, Husserl, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty, Levinas, Lacan, Bataille, Foucault, Derrida, Deleuze, et al has served me well. Hundreds of books are written on them but still scholars are busy searching for fresh insights. 

Old religions have survived for too long. Material prosperity has bolstered their clout and reach. Internal contradictions are glossed over but the seeds of destruction are very much there. Sri Aurobindo has focused on those deficiencies and envisaged a religion for the humanity.

Savitri Erans don´t believe in gradualism; they are confident of grace and emergence. The present is no firm indicator of the rollercoaster journey that the Evolution undertakes; thereś no one to guide. Yet faith and loyalty to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is the most potent weapon

The Mother has announced that the Supramental Counsciousness touched the planet earth in principle on February 29, 1956 (42 years after her first meeting with Sri Aurobindo on March 29, 1914). Momentous events from the historical point of view pregnant with inconceivable outcomes

Sri Aurobindoś consistency and firmness is remarkable. Never before, we meet anyone else daring to shoulder the burden of the world in such a forthright manner. Both in theory and practice, his verifiable contributions are incomparable and unparalleled.

Savitri Era: Twelve facets of Sri Aurobindo
Tweets in original by Tusar Nath Mohapatra @NathTusar
Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF), Ghaziabad & Founder-President of Savitri Era Party
Savitri Era of those who adore,
Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

Misc. References

[Many people think of Sri Aurobindo as a Hindu, but he looked upon himself as a member of the Hindu religion for only around twelve of his seventy-eight years. His attitude towards religion in general and Hinduism in particular changed dramatically over the course of] Peter Heehs

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[Sri Aurobindo's The Ideal of Human Unity was first issued in 1919. In The Human Cycle Sri Aurobindo foresees the present 'subjective' age culminating in a spiritual age. Human consciousness merges in oneness. R SUBRAMONY - International Journal on Multicultural Literature, 2021]

[ThePrint: rethink on Partition Horrors
my motherland may live up to immortal words of Sri Aurobindo: “We do not belong to the past dawns
आध्यात्मिक राष्ट्रवादाचे उद्‌गाते
प्रा वेदांत कुलकर्णी योगी अरविंदांचे १५० वे जयंतीवर्ष १५ ऑगस्ट २०२१ रोजी सुरू झाले]

[SABDA lead article on Prof. Manoj Das - Reminiscences by Prof. Sachidananda Mohanty #SriAurobindo]

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