Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ghettoized Continental Philosophy syllabus

[A Pedagogical Proposal
from Larval Subjects . by larvalsubjects
Last week Nate of What in the Hell suggested to me that we both experiment with the 21 Questions Youtube video in our classroom and compare notes... From a Marxist perspective such a pedagogy would be an element in the process of moving beyond the ghettoized university system to a more global sort of discourse, much like what we’ve already been doing here in the theory web where we’ve already been forming our own discourses, questions, trends, journals, publication projects, movements, and presses.]

Our task is not against the "university system" per se but to storm the "ghettoized" Continental Philosophy syllabus. [TNM]


  1. Where do you get the term ghettoize as you use it above?

  2. In the citation above itself. [TNM]