Monday, August 24, 2009

Savitri Era Party needs 500 honest persons to serve the country

In a large and diverse democracy like India politics is bound to be a complex affair. But transparency and swift communication can make it much simpler for Savitri Era Party. Sincerity of purpose coupled with courage of conviction can easily persuade people for favoring the Party. Allegiance to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo will no doubt give it an edge. Futuristic outlook, further, would make it a darling of the young and the marginalized.

Savitri Era Party needs just 500 honest persons to serve the country. One in each constituency, and then we are not too far off from where one scents power. [TNM]


  1. Sri Aurobindo Was against going for poltics..for His Sadhaks.
    must concentrate on your Saddhna..