Sunday, August 16, 2009

Objects are the root of all Philosophy

[One Cosmos: The Negative Mysticism of the Left By Gagdad Bob One is naturally also reminded of Sri Aurobindo, especially since this is his 137th birthday. He too believed that man was a "God in the making," but what a difference! Let's meditate on some lines from his epically epic, ...]

[Composition of Philosophy. August 15.
from Object-Oriented Philosophy by doctorzamalek
My unconscious doesn’t seem in the mood to start on Chapter 7 of L’objet quadruple, and it doesn’t feel like the procrastinating unconscious. It feels like the Fermi unconscious, when he was hesitating to use lead in his experiment, and randomly chose a piece of paraffin instead, leading to unexpected results. There are certain kinds of hesitation that are sending you a vague message that “something isn’t quite right yet.”]

Let's hope that some day the doctor realizes the significance of the date. [TNM]

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