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What rites and rituals are being observed when a devotee passes away

[Cremation Started by Jordi Valero on July 31, 2009 at 1:07 pm View Discussions
I would like to know your opinion about the cremation of the body after death. I would like introduce this topic at the forum, not from the standpoint of tradition and customs of particular cultures or religions, but from the viewpoint of vehicles that leave the body after death. How does affect to the subtle vehicles the sudden disintegration of the body? ASPIRATION]

[There is a team in the Ashram who look after the death of the Sadhakas. I did not know. Vairam bhai came and told they will take his body at 3 PM, I heard that Mother had appointed him to this work his decision is final. At just 3 pm they came took his body away .. some went with him -my son in law went, they did a parikrama around the Samadhi.. then they took him to Muthialpet. there is a special place for Sadhaks to be cremated. They put him there. As my son in law told me.. it was such glorious scene as if a homage as if it is a Yagnya.... being done. They put the flowers specially brought from Mother;s room on his body totally covered by cowdung and mud.. then all prayed, gave incense sticks then They put camphor on his chest and my son in law gave the fire. No part of the body was out. The whole night the fire was burning not like our traditional way. Death In The Ashram
Posted by Mamata dash on August 9, 2009 at 11:27am ASPIRATION]

From the point of view of Savitri Era Religion, it is also important to discuss what rites and rituals are being observed when a devotee passes away. Whether the traditional religious injunctions are followed or the procedure adopted in the Ashram is practiced? What is the desirable custom in such a situation? Whether the family is forced to follow the tradition for the fear of social ostracization? [TNM]

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