Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lori deplored

[Saturday, August 15, 2009 Addendum: Vishnu in the Mother’s Symbol and in Sri Aurobindo’s 'The Secret of the Veda'
Addendum to
Waving the Flag of Cosmic Ignorance in the Face of Sri Aurobindo and the Vedic Tradition of Avatars
Vishnu in the Mother’s Symbol and in Sri Aurobindo’s The Secret of the Veda]

The Mother’s Symbol has been mutilated and disfigured by Lori Tompkins [12:01 AM] which we deplore. [TNM]


  1. She has added meaning and sense to the symbol. She had to do it coz you people were not able to understand the significance of the symbol due to your ignorance. She did that to CLARIFY matters.

  2. Tusar, I am wondering if you have READ the entire ‘Waving the Flag of Cosmic Ignorance in the Face of Sri Aurobindo’ article? I put Vishnu on his Eagle in the middle of the Mother’s Symbol/Circle because HE is already there. HE, and the Avatars of Vishnu, are the Lords of that Circle. I used the diagram to help explain the concepts which I discussed in my article – the concepts that you seem opposed to understanding or even mentioning in your response. I don’t know if your horror and dismay over seeing Vishnu and the signs of the zodiac in the Mother’s Symbol will be shared by Indians and others who have some degree of understanding and respect for both astrology and the Dasavataras of Vishnu. Are you seriously intent on divorcing the Mother from the Mother Earth and Her cycles in time, and from the Vedic tradition of Vishnu’s avatars!?! That will truly be a difficult task and will win you little honor, except perhaps in the un-glorious circle of ‘We’ who join you in ‘Waving the Flag of Cosmic Ignorance …’.

    On 3 January 1970 the Mother described her first vision of the Matrimandir (‘the symbol of the future realisation’) to Satprem. This vision was UNEQUIVOCABLY BASED ON HER SYMBOL:

    ‘It will be a tower with 12 facets – each facet representing one month of the year … Then, inside, there will be 12 columns – the walls and the 12 columns – and right at the center, on the floor, my symbol …’

    I do not understand how you can read this and also be aware of Sri Aurobindo’s discussion of the 12 months of the Vedic year (also called the ‘sacrifice’) describing Man’s evolutionary journey on Earth, and still refuse to see the connection between Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and the 12 month Tropical Year. I especially do not understand your accusing ME of mutilating and disfiguring the Mother’s Symbol in a 308 by 320 pixel diagram when you and those you represent have had no qualms about disfiguring and dismissing the 24 meter Inner Chamber that the Mother envisioned for HER Temple. No one in your constituency of ‘We’ cared then or cares now that Vedic tradition – in which the 360 degree cycle of the 24 hour day and the 12 month year are equivalent in the ‘laws of correspondence’ – has been completely destroyed by builders who refused to adhere to the 24 meter diameter given by the Mother. The Mother clearly indicated on 17 January 1970, ‘... that’s settled: the 24 meters end at the walls.’ [Please see ‘Chronicles of the Inner Chamber’at to read the full story of how the Mother’s word and will regarding the temple were and continue to be disrespected, subverted and distorted.]

    Given the fact that despite objections, the builders of the Mother’s Temple only managed to construct a temple with a diameter of ‘some 23 meters’ while disfiguring every other item of her plan as well, and given that you and ‘yours’ do not care, and given that you have completely managed to FORGET that the Mother’s circle divided by twelve has anything to do with the Earth’s year; it is completely ridiculous that you can accuse ME of disfiguring the Mother’s Symbol in my small pixel-sized attempt to ‘remind’ students and readers that her symbol DOES have something to do with the 12 month year, with the 12 astrological ages of the ‘Great Year’ (i.e. Precession of the Equinoxes), and with Vishnu – the Preserver of the Sanatana Dharma....

    This comment which I have titled 'Lori Deplored ... Hypocrisy Adored in Matters of the Mother's Temple' ended up being too long for this forum, it is continued at

  3. After writing 'Lori Deplored ... Hypocrisy Adored' I have still been ruminating as to why Tusar N. Mohapatra of Savitri Era Open Forum expressed such horror and repulsion that I would put Vishnu (and the fixed astrological signs he represents) in the Mother's Symbol. Tusar and certain followers of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother clearly do not want to associate the 12 petals of the Mother's Symbol (and the 12-based structure of the Mother's Temple) with the Earth's Year (i.e. the Tropical Zodiac). To them the Mother's Symbol is not so 'mundane.' A valid question for a group of yogis who resonate with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's teachings on the indwelling divinity of material creation is, 'Why not?' ... an excerpt from 'Considering the Dynamism of the Mother's Symbol'