Thursday, August 13, 2009

He has no right to belittle Sri Aurobindo

[ASPIRATION What Ingo said to me
Posted by Barindranath Chaki on August 12, 2009 at 5:32pm I request all the moderators and all other esteemed members to think and speak on the matter, especially on the satements on Sri Aurobindo. I gave him the following reply: Who told you that Sri Aurobindo was only a human being? He is The Divine, He is The Avatar. He is The Saviour. This is the blunder you are making. I have thoroughly read The Bible, both the Testaments and all about Jesus. We don't disregard him. But what do you know of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother? What do you know about Evolution, about Progress, about Supermind, and about the New Age and The New Man?
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Dear All, Ingo has left, as he was asked to quit. He has spit enough of venom in the name of God and Jesus. He had no right to force others to understand in his way. He has no right to belittle Sri Aurobindo. ASPIRATION is not for Ingo. Thank you all for your support and cooperation!
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Well, he has had the effect of more member participation, which is good, and also gets us thinking.]

[Jennifer Surdam replied to Barindranath Chaki's discussion 'What Ingo said to me'
I'm glad to see that Ingo left. I felt very offended by the vitriol that was spewed throughout the conversation that went back and forth. I would have left myself had he not. Thank you to the moderators for taking care of someone who feels the need to evangelize in a place that should be safe and fair for those of us who care enough about ourselves and others to take a stand and do what we feel is necessary in the hopes of creating a safe place to spread love and spirituality, regardless of precise religion or views. Tolerance is key, and this is one way to change the world. In love and light, hugs and BB, Jen :)]

Ingo left but not before alerting how vulnerable Savitri Era Religion is. The sooner we resolve the confusions that we have harbored for years the better. [TNM]

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