Monday, August 10, 2009

Suffering fetishism

[ In Praise of the Whip: A Cultural History of Arousal ... Niklaus Largier, Graham Harman.
In Praise of the Whip remains an intelligent and thoughtful work that shows great understanding of the role of flagellation in religious and sexual contexts ...
M/C Reviews - Cultural Studies: In Praise of the Whip
In Praise of the Whip is densely populated with large excerpts from the diaries of monks and nuns, religious sermons and debates, medical texts, ...]

[Re: Slavoj Žižek - A Lacanian Plea for Fundamentalism (8/9)
by Tony Clifton on Wed 05 Aug 2009 11:18 AM PDT
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Ok Deb, but if do knock out a book on this theme let me suggest the title: "Self-Flagellation and Holy War"//when suffering becomes a fetished object and employed as an ideological device to claim exceptionalism rather than an expression of ones separation from divinity it only provides an occasion for internalizing resentment, and often the identification of oneself or community as the sufferers or victims that is often too easily compensated for through acts of vengeance.]

[As the years passed, various forms of outward worship developed in the Ashram, and it became generally understood that an overt devotional attitude differing little from conventional religion was the one right way of approaching Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. For a while, this attitude remained a matter of personal choice; but in recent years it has become more and more obligatory. Anyone who did not follow the dictates of the crowd in what they said and did risked general condemnation. → The Integral Yoga and Religion — An Historical Overview]

Suffering involved in fighting the hegemony of devotional practices can be seen as a form of reverse colonialism. [TNM]

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