Friday, August 14, 2009

We are expected to grow from partiality to integrality

[Amartya Sen on justice: How to do it better The Economist Aug 6th 2009 From The Economist Buy from,
AT THE disputed crossroads where economics and ethics meet stands Amartya Sen, a Nobel-prize-winning economist who thinks like a philosopher. In a dauntingly impressive flow of books and papers over 40 years he has done much to change both disciplines for the better, humanising the one, bringing content from the real world to the other... But he believes that theory, to be of use, must keep its feet on the ground. Modern theorists in his view have drifted too far from the actual world... Mr Sen wants to humanise canons of “maximising” rationality; behavioural economists, much in fashion, aim to ditch them altogether. 8:46 PM]

Well, Amartya’s book serves as a celebrity endorsement for certain facets of life regarding which people are seldom concerned. However, the idea that justice, like truth, must conform to the context in our journey “from partiality to integrality” has been elaborately dealt with by Sri Aurobindo almost a century back. [TNM]

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