Saturday, July 19, 2014

Development needs appropriate Ontology

Faint murmurs of disenchantment with the new BJP Govt. is audible now from die hard supporters. That was expected. Governing a country like India is no joke and snatching votes with tall promises is sure to backfire. It took nearly a Century for RSS to capture power at the Centre and yet it has been found severely wanting on matters intellectual. No clarity on any issue is forthcoming from their think tanks.

Be that as it may, human problems have become so complex that it's not easy to tackle them. Many issues have international ramifications and technology choices add to the woe. So, we are not in a hurry to judge the performance of the new rulers. However, their Ontological illiteracy or Mythological dependency remains a concern and a potent threat.

Sri Aurobindo has endowed India with the most advanced and futuristic Metaphysical armament. Neglecting that and falling back upon worn out theories is fraught with acute danger. This is the anti-Evolutionary avenue which we have been crying hoarsh to warn against. Any sound model of Development must be backed by an appropriate Ontology. [TNM55]

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