Sunday, July 20, 2014

No better guide than Sri Aurobindo

[@svpr: So is his remark on Rig Veda, if he has made it. I do not need Aurobindo to read Veda, I can, Spent eight Years on it.]

Just because someone spent 8 years in studying the Veda, he doesn't need to read Sri Aurobindo's The Secret of the Veda. This is a sample of the pathetic mindset that many educated Indians suffer from. Instead of exploring diverse voices, one closes his mind and relies entirely on ancient texts and commentaries in alien languages. Certain Universities in the West too promote this antique-mania lending credibility to dubious content. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo advise to steer clear of past theological formulations keeping the future Evolution in mind.

Sri Aurobindo himself has spent a lot of energy in synthesizing the received strands of spiritual praxis in order to make them relevant to modern times. But his tone is never to prescribe and rather aimed at helping the individual to choose according to his age and stage. His writings give the orientation and then one is free to chart his own course. But discarding him ab initio is surely a blunder on the part of any accomplished scholar. There is no better guide than Sri Aurobindo in the present times, let's remember. [TNM55]

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